Morning Mindfulness

Hello loves! Todays post is highlighting the importance of a self-care routine at the start of your day.  I am not writing this because I am an expert.  In fact, I am not what I would call a “morning person” to say the least.  I am writing this because I am learning what self-care means for me and through that discovery I now understand the importance of taking time for yourself in the morning.




There are days I literally crawl out of the covers and my mornings seem very rushed.  The next thing you know I am throwing on my shoes and out the door without ever eating breakfast.  I recently was given a promotion and my schedule changed to mornings.  So… to be perfectly honest I was not a morning person, but was somewhat forced to become one (which is perfectly okay with me since I love my new job!!!).  There was an adjustment period, but as I started to incorporate self-practice this is what I found:

1. I feel more prepared to take on my day

2. I am more productive

3. I feel more energized

4. I now look forward to mornings!




Now that I have found something that works, I’d like to share it with all you lovely people!  My routine can be broken down into three categories:


First category is MIND!  There are so many decisions you have to make throughout the day.  Start your day out right by preparing your mind for the interactions and decisions you have to make that day.  Some ideas I came up with that fall under the mind category include:

-Read a self improvement novel

-Meditate for 10 minutes

-Work on a crossword puzzle or sudoku

-Words with friends ( or a trivia app, lumosity, etc.)

-Watch part of a Ted talk discussion on youtube

I usually incorporate this specific step of self-care while I eat breakfast, or if I meditate I do it first thing in the morning.




Second category is BODY! This portion can give you the energy you need to make it to the end of the day.  Here is what I came up with for Body:

-Stretch for 10 minutes

-Go on a brisk walk around the block (and if you have furry friends that love to walk, take them with you!)

-Try out different yoga poses for 20 minutes

-Fuel your body with a smoothie full of veggies & fruits

-Turn hot water on in the shower and let the room become steamy..Stand outside the shower and deeply inhale/exhale (the steam also has great benefits for your skin and lungs)




Last category is SOUL! I look at this as a time of reflection and a way to connect to your higher power, whatever that may be.  It can also be used as a time to connect with yourself and give thanks.  Here are some ideas for soul:

-Keeping a Gratitude journal


-Scripture reading

-Soul writing/ reflection journal

-Look in the mirror and compliment yourself




These can be done in any order! By focusing on mind, body and soul, I have felt more balance during the early morning and on throughout the day!  I would love to hear what y’all are doing for self-care morning routines! Let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram: @the_modmaven or Facebook!


Peace & love,


-The Mod Maven


(This is not a sponsored post)




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